Smile Contouring - BEFORE

Smile Contouring - AFTER

One of the most popular procedures we now provide for our patients is Smile contouring. Both Trevor and Jennifer regularly attend advanced dental study throughout Europe in this particular area.

Contouring or re shaping a patient smile can now be achieved thanks largely to advances in dental materials in the last few years.

It is a process involving minimal discomfort in which small adjustments are made to your teeth to level uneven smile lines.


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Over time front teeth often become worn, pointed, or chipped. In the past the chosen treatment to correct this may have been to Crown the tooth or place a porcelain veneer.

Now with the advances in dentistry and the advanced training Trevor & Jennifer have undertaken they can re-shape  a patients teeth often converting their worn or chipped teeth to a smile that’s younger looking, shapely smile.

Whilst always focusing on the face itself. This allows our patient to have a fresh natural smile that matches their complexion.

See the difference Ballyclare Dental can make to your smile!