dental implants northern ireland

dental implants ireland

The final replacement tooth is sculpted and produced in what we believe to be the finest laboratory in the United Kingdom

Dental implants can last a lifetime depending upon how you look after them. We have specially tailored aftercare package for patients with dental Implants 


What is a dental Implant?

Dental implants are the replacement of the root of a tooth with an artificial root that is made from titanium. This procedure can be used to replace one tooth, several teeth, or all the teeth.

The dental Implant is placed where the root of the tooth once was.

The implant is then left to integrate with the jawbone for between 6 weeks to 6 months. During this integration phase our patients are given temporary teeth (bridges) or continue to wear dentures.


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Every effort is made to ensure our patients retain their natural teeth. Sadly there are occasions when and where this just is not possible and tooth loss has either already happened or is inevitable.

There are a number of reasons why teeth may need to be removed all of which are regrettable, however through our extended care team we have the answer.

We work with one of the leading dental implant dentists in Ireland, Dr David Nelson to ensure our patients receive the best possible care and attention.  Working closely with David we can deliver fabulous results, so good no one need know you ever lost a tooth!

The Cheaper Implant - A Question


I’ve seen adverts for cheaper dental implants than you are quoting. Why is there such a difference?

AWe cannot explain how other dental practices arrive at their prices but can we suggest that you ask them the following questions before you proceed to treatment:

  • Is that price for my implant fully restored with the crown on it?
  • How many implants has my dentist placed before mine?
  • Is there a guarantee on your work?
  • Is the implant itself made by a recognised and experienced manufacturer?
  • Are there any hidden costs, such as X-rays and consultations?
  • Is the implant placed in the surgery here or will I have to travel?
  • What is the quality of your customer service?
  • What is the quality of the physical environment in which the service is delivered?
  • What is your protocol on after-sales care?
  • What happens if something goes wrong?
  • Will I see the same dentist every time?
  • Is there a waiting list?

We are quite happy to answer all of these questions very openly and we know that our answers will build your confidence and security.

At Ballyclare Dental Practice we focus our energies on delivering the best clinical care and customer service.

Have a chat to one of our team and book your appointment today.