If you then require essential dental treatment or as many people wish to, opt for cosmetic dental options you
will benefit from prices that are 20% lower!

Ensure your dental health by asking your dentist for details of how to become a member of our dental plan.

dental plans at ballyclare dental practice

We strongly believe that once our patients are happily settled with their individual dentist and hygiene team the most important next step is becoming a full member of the practice.

We are one of only a handful of the practices in the province to have designed and implemented our own dental membership plan.

The main reason we have implemented this plan is to reward loyal patients with lower prices.

download our membership plan

We have analysed our patient base over the last few years and can say with some confidence that those on our dental plan have:

  • Fewer fillings

  • Less dental decay

  • Less likelihood of toothache

  • More attractive teeth

  • More choice

  • Benefited from reduced costs

You will benefit from close dental health monitoring by the dental team& dental hygiene team. This ensures you have a healthy mouth and a health smile for life.

Our practice membership scheme includes all the necessary independent dental health checks and hygiene visits each year.